1. Alright Redwings, you’ve served me well the past two years. I’ve found you and my Crowley coveralls a new home in a gas station trash can… Farewell!

  2. Someone help get me off of here!!! (at Charleston Harbor Entance Buoys 9 & 10)

  3. Is this really necessary?

  4. Sucks to suck Port Everglades Pilots…

  5. This…is…heaven

  6. Oh hey there roommate, nice of you to pass by

  7. KP Sea Year is almost finished! #USMMA #GoPro (at Valero St. Charles-West Plant)

  8. #TBT To creepy mustaches and the Blue Marlin Saloon in Corpus Christi!

  9. Bookshelf turned light box… #tracingsmadesimple

  10. Thanks Colten for stalking me from the Sunshine State…

  11. More Cubans in the Florida Straits. Must be the season…

  14. Why yes Coast Guard, this davit can be easily swung….

  15. I think there’s enough signs to warn off the terrorists….